Bounce Back Recruitment

Trevor Millett

Throughout the pandemic, Trampoline has been honoured to be the agency of choice for many clients who’ve been integral to helping Nova Scotia bounce back.

From a macro-perspective, we’ve partnered with clients such as Communications Nova Scotia and WCB NS in helping get the word out about preventing the spread of the virus, why and how to get the vaccine, working safely during the pandemic, and the importance of shopping locally during the holiday season and beyond. With Discover Halifax, we developed the Heart, Soul, Halifax campaign to inspire Nova Scotians, and our friends in the bubble, to safely return to getting out and about in Halifax—injecting some much-needed capital into the arms of our regions’ businesses.


Three CNS Covid campaign TSA mockups


On a micro-level, we’ve been there for clients needing to beef up, or build from scratch, their e-commerce infrastructure—allowing them to survive the inherent COVID retail challenges, and in some cases, realize actual sales increases during the pandemic. We’ve helped other clients get the word out about new delivery and curbside pick-up programs. And the list goes on. Suffice it to say, we’ve been pretty flat-out around here, and we’re incredibly thankful for that. We’re especially grateful this challenging time has allowed us to activate our agency’s mantra “Be a Force for Positive Change” more fully and effectively than ever before.

Whether you already live here, want to return home, or are looking for a new adventure—this is an excellent opportunity to become part of one of the region’s biggest and most well-respected full-service agencies. Not to mention the chance to work in the heart of Halifax—one of Canada’s fastest-growing, vibrant, welcoming, and affordable cities.

Want to be part of continuing to help Nova Scotia bounce back and beyond? Check out our Careers Page.