We don't sell Trampolines.



Saint Mary's University

Amazing things happen here.

Every student has the potential to accomplish amazing things. But not every university has what it takes to develop that potential. A small, supportive school with global reach, Saint Mary’s is a place where students can see their big dreams come to life. Need proof? Look no further than the incredible individuals—past and present—who make up the SMU community. Clearly this is an institution that knows how to turn potential into some seriously amazing things.

As a result of our ongoing partnership with the SMU recruitment team, domestic applications and corresponding enrollment were way up for 2015-2016.



We are all hosts.

Nova Scotians are natural hosts. It’s just a part of who we are. And as hosts, we definitely know a thing or two about warm welcomes. So, what could be warmer than welcoming summer? As an extension of the “WE ARE all HOSTS” platform, “hello SUMMER!” became the perfect opportunity to celebrate every summer occasion as if it’s the first, making summer celebrations last a little bit longer. After all—when we welcome summer, we really hope it sticks around.

Summer Mixer Cocktail Video Series

Getting creative with cocktails is easy, especially with recipes and tips from a pro.

Cooler Discovery Program

With an ever-growing listing of refreshments at the NSLC, we wanted to help Nova Scotian's find their favourite new flavours in the cooler aisle. Using taste profiles developed by the NSLC specifically for its cooler products, we launched the Cooler Discovery Program: a series of in-store and online discovery tools designed to make shopping for Breezers (and more) even more of a breeze. Whew, say that three times fast.


Halifax Shopping Centre

Shopping is our middle name.

You call something your “middle name” when it’s a quality that defines you. But in the case of Halifax Shopping Centre, shopping really is their middle name. Talk about a convenient coincidence. With a growing list of exclusive retailers and a seventy-million-dollar renovation project well underway, there’s simply no other mall in Atlantic Canada that embodies the true essence of shopping quite like HSC.

Did you know?

HSC has maintained the highest sales per square foot in Atlantic Canada for the past two years.