Tall Ships

Summer of Wonder — July 29–Aug 16

This year, tall ships from around the world will cross oceans—they’ll be weeks , even months at sea, lured by the stories of adventure and intrigue that spell a Nova Scotia summer. They will drop anchor in a wondrous land of song and dance. Of culinary delights and local harvests. Of captivating myths and legends. And they in their turn will lay down their planks, and welcome travelers aboard for a glimpse into the seafarer’s own world of exploration and adventure. It will be a summer like no other. Tall tales will be weaved between friends new and old. Come, and discover the wonder.


Saint Mary's University

Amazing things happen here.

Every student has the potential to accomplish amazing things. But not every university has what it takes to develop that potential. A small, supportive school with global reach, Saint Mary’s is a place where students can see their big dreams come to life. Need proof? Look no further than the incredible individuals—past and present—who make up the SMU community. Clearly this is an institution that knows how to turn potential into some seriously amazing things.

As a result of our ongoing partnership with the SMU recruitment team, domestic applications and corresponding enrollment were way up for 2015-2016.



We are all hosts.

An important part of the NSLC’s brand essence is helping Nova Scotians celebrate life’s many occasions. Nova Scotians love to host. Just by virtue of where we live, “WE ARE all HOSTS”. This simple and empowering statement steers our ship from campaign to campaign providing a welcoming single- minded approach. The holidays, being for many the busiest time of year for hosting, provide the perfect place for the brand to come alive.

Take the guessing out of gifting.

We wanted to remind Nova Scotian's that giving NSLC gift cards is a great way to make sure the recipient gets exactly what they love every time.


Halifax Shopping Centre

Shopping is our middle name.

You call something your “middle name” when it’s a quality that defines you. But in the case of Halifax Shopping Centre, shopping really is their middle name. Talk about a convenient coincidence. With a growing list of exclusive retailers and a seventy-million-dollar renovation project well underway, there’s simply no other mall in Atlantic Canada that embodies the true essence of shopping quite like HSC.

Did you know?

HSC has maintained the highest sales per square foot in Atlantic Canada for the past two years.