Environmental Policy

Trampoline Creative Inc. supports and encourages company and individual efforts to reduce our impact on the environment. The following principles will guide our decisions and promote the continued development of our workplace practices:

  • Recognize that that on behalf of our clients and for ourselves our actions have a direct impact on the environment.
  • Provide an inspiring and equitable workplace for all stakeholders in which environmental responsibility is a known corporate value.
  • Meet and/or exceed the environmental standards of our municipal, provincial and federal governments.
  • Continually develop innovative solutions to reduce the impact of our operations on the environment in ways that balance economic viability with ecological responsibility.
  • Actively promote the use of post-consumer waste recycled and FSC-certified papers in the marketplace. Track and report our adoption of these environmentally progressive papers.
  • Organize and visually promote our own office and kitchen waste with a comprehensive recycling system.
  • Promote and fund the use of technology, including smart phones, i-pads and laptops to cut down on the need to print documents for meetings and other remote work.
  • Our location in downtown Halifax was partly chosen in order to be more convenient for the majority of our staff who walk, bike or take the bus to work.
  • We are an openly bike-friendly office which includes lock-up locations and a company sponsored bike purchase program where staff can purchase bikes with no-money down and pay back over a year interest free.