Where to Do Lunch in Downtown Halifax & Dartmouth


Restaurant photo with "Let's Do Lunch" text overlay

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and dinner is always the most formal. That leaves lunch to be an afterthought for many of us — from sad sandwiches to unsatisfying grab-and-go options, busy lives tend to get in the way of enjoying this mid-day meal.

But lunch deserves more attention, and so do our local restaurants. Lunch is a reason to catch up with an old friend, to get out of the office with a coworker, or to take a breather on your own. Whether you’re visiting an old favourite or discovering a new one, Downtown Halifax & Dartmouth are excellent places to do lunch.

As part of our Let’s Do Lunch campaign, we’re highlighting the best places for this meal according to our staff.


Staff Favourites 

Meatball sub from Sapori, a meat pie from Humble Pie, and a Lobster and Crab Roll from The Canteen

Jodie – Senior Designer

Favourite lunch spotaMano

Go-to order – I have many favourites, but the Mezzi Rigatoni Alla Boscaiola is great (don’t make me pronounce that out loud)!

Why she loves it – There’s a little something for everyone, including delicious choices for those who are Celiac (my daughter). I’m a sucker for pasta every time, and they don’t disappoint.

Hannah – Office Manager

Favourite lunch spot The Canteen

Go-to order – The "Crobster" Roll

Why she loves it Perfectly toasted bun, the best mix of lobster and crab meat with a light, refreshing sauce.

Leslie – President

Favourite lunch spotThe Bicycle Thief

Go-to order – The Panzanella Salad 

Why she loves itBeautifully ripe tomatoes, avocado, shallots, toasted croutons, all drizzled with balsamic.

Stephanie – Associate Media Director

Favourite lunch spotFujiyama

Go-to order – Philadelphia Roll (with avocado instead of cucumber) and Spicy Tuna Roll & Miso Soup.

Why she loves it – It’s nearby, well-priced, and has the best sushi in the city.

Patrick – Production Manager

Favourite lunch spot Kebab Express in Scotia Square

Go-to order – I love the Lentil Kofte Wrap with the works as an alternative veggie option. 

Why he loves it – Everything is fresh, full of flavour, and all the meat is charcoal grilled to order.  

Julia – Social Media Coordinator

Favourite lunch spot Wired Monk

Go-to order – The Soup & Panini Lunch Special with a Vanilla Matcha Latte.

Why she loves it – The vibe is so chill there, it’s super close to the office and my apartment, and the food is just delicious.

Adam – VP of Finance

Favourite lunch spot – Bird’s Nest Cafe

Go-to order The Halloumi & Eggplant Panini

Why he loves itTwo of my favourite ingredients ever. Salty, cheesy goodness. What’s not to love?

Rachel – Senior Copywriter

Favourite lunch spot Humble Pie  

Go-to order The Classic Steak ’n Cheese Pie

Why she loves it It’s quick, there's counter-based service, and I can still enjoy a bit of my lunch hour doing other things. It’s also just so flippin’ delicious.

Trevor – Creative Director

Favourite lunch spot Sapori Italian Street Food

Go-to order  The Meatball Sandwich

Why he loves it It has huge meatballs, provolone cheese, and tomato sauce on a stellar bun. All my food groups!

Bird's Nest Panini, people eating on the Bicycle Thief waterfront boardwalk patio, sushi from Fujiyama