What's Trending - December 2020

Emma Shoveller, Hannah Ghosn

Welcome to the What’s Trending blog! Every month, we scour the internet for the most exciting social trends, platform updates and consumer insights so you don’t need to. So grab a coffee (or a vanilla oat milk latte, or whatever), take a break and find out what’s trending this month.

Must-Know News

Happy Holidays ✨



  • Calling all small business owners! TikTok’s new Holiday Tool Kit is equipped with a range of insights, topics, case studies and tools.
  • From general business goals and processes to specific holiday templates, TikTok can help you maximize your marketing opportunities. It’s the app that keeps on giving!
  • Sit back and relax, TikTok will do the rest. Their Playbook checklists will help guide your campaigns and even offer recommendations on when to run ads and how to boost them.
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All about the Benjamin’s 💸💸

  • Looking to help content creators maximize their revenue opportunities, Facebook has added more ways to track and monetize your content on both Facebook and Instagram.
  • The changes include the ability to claim ownership of duplicate content, meaning creators now have more control over when, how, and where their content is shared.
  • Creators can now better manage their own content by staying across all re-posts and re-uses, potentially maximizing their revenue potential. So swipe up to learn more and don’t forget to smash that like button.
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  • Multiple apps including TikTok and Twitter have added different warning ques for users.
  • TikTok’s new photosensitive warnings have been added to video clips that could potentially trigger seizures in people who have epilepsy. This new feature will allow users to skip videos and will avoid showing any similar effects in the future. Now, if only we could do that with content house videos.
  • After much success with its warning pop-ups for re-tweets, Twitter has added new pop-ups when users try to like tweets that include disputed claims, and on articles when users attempt to retweet without even opening the link.
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Other Bites🍴

  1. Having trouble finding what you’re looking for on Instagram? Well look no further. Instagram added keyword search in addition to profiles and tags. By tapping on specific search terms, Instagram will show you all posts that include those words. Though it is limited. Instagram will rank its keyword search based on a number of factors.
  2. After undergoing its first design changes in years, Instagram added reels and shop tabs to its home screen. Reel tabs lead users to shortened videos, much like TikTok videos and the Shop tab presents personalized recommendations, shoppable posts and more.
  3. 2020 was a big year, especially for singles. With IRL dating out of the question thanks to COVID-19, singles all over took to virtual dating. Tinder’s Year in Swipe shows that users not only adapted to virtual dating, but they thrived, with swipes doubling. It’s a win-win!