The Truth is Ugly - AIDS Coalition of Nova Scotia

Jonathan Richard

It’s that time of year again, and not to get all humbug on you, but celebrating the holidays in 2020 just kinda sucks. 

But as hard as the holidays are for us, the ugly truth is they are even harder for Nova Scotians living with or at risk for contracting HIV. Because 1 in 4 Canadians won’t get tested for fear of discrimination, and 1 in 7 are living with HIV and don’t even know it. So, in the spirit of this season, we decided to give back to the AIDS Coalition of Nova Scotia instead of throwing our usual Trampmas bash. On behalf of ourselves and all our clients, we’ve made a donation to this worthy and often overlooked cause. 

We also decided we had more to offer than just a monetary donation. That’s why we also donated our creative and media services to help the ACNS get their message of need to the masses. And though that message might be ugly, we hope you find the cause just as beautiful as we do. 

From the Trampoline and Twist + Bits families, happy holidays. And if you can, please donate to the ACNS.

Red Christmas sweater with white campaign message stitched in