Tide Turners – Stories of Positive Change in Nova Scotia

Mark Gascoigne

The Tide Turners series is dedicated to turn-around stories from right here in Nova Scotia.  Though each story is unique in its own way, they share some key ingredients: A place with untapped potential, combined with people whose vision, passion, and commitment, have left an indelible mark. The first three stories in this evolving series span the breadth and width of the province — from Annapolis Royal to Inverness.



Tide Turners – Annapolis Royal

This picturesque town in southwestern Nova Scotia was home to captains of industry and the sea. Annapolis Royal is just as proud and spirited today as it was centuries ago when its ships and crew connected Nova Scotia to the world. Today, its influence is less global, but its enterprise is just as vibrant. Our first Tide Turner highlights the tireless work of Jane Nicholson and her company AIRO. Together, she and her team are enabling a new generation of entrepreneurs to grow their ideas, build businesses, and re-invigorate a town.



Tide Turners — Inverness

Since the last coal mine in Inverness, Cape Breton closed in the 1990s, a series of determined locals had not given up on converting a forgotten slag heap into a golf course. It seemed the missing ingredient was only that they were not thinking big enough. It took a passionate and determined entrepreneur from Ontario to see the true potential of this piece of land. Ten years later, the resulting transformation of the links land and the town of Inverness is nothing less than inspiring.



Tide Turners — Tatamagouche 

They said you couldn’t grow grapes in Nova Scotia. But the Jost family were having none of that and set about planting the province’s first vineyard. They are a shining example of what can be done when people truly lean-in to a place. For four decades, they’ve been an integral part of Malagash and Tatamagouche. After leading the creation of the wine industry in Nova Scotia, a third-generation Jost is now doing the same for craft beer. There is a lot brewing in this hidden corner of northern Nova Scotia. A much of it is thanks to the Jost’s pioneering spirit.