Q&A With Our Office Manager, Danielle Bishop

If you’ve ever walked through the elevator door at Trampoline, Danielle was probably the first friendly face there to greet you. As office manager, she keeps things well oiled. Earning several additional titles like “event planner extraordinaire” and “director of happiness,” Danielle anticipates what each staff member needs before they do.

Some call it sorcery, others call it empathy, organization, communication, and creativity. But what we can all agree on is that we’d be lost without her.

Get to know Danielle, and get a peek inside what goes on at the office too.

Headshot of office manager Danielle Bishop

About the Job

  1. You’re at a party and someone asks, “What do you do?” How do you describe your role to them? I manage the office for an advertising company full of creative and hilarious individuals. There is rarely a dull moment.
  2. What is a typical day at work like? It changes every day, which is one of the reasons why I like the job so much. One day, I can be running around, taking care of a million things. Other days I might be helping the Creative Team on something really cool for a client. I’m always on the edge of my seat, excited for what comes at me next. 
  3. What motivates you? Making everyone in the office happy. I don’t always work with clients directly, but I know it’s a different ballfield than what I do on the daily, sometimes it can be stressful. If I can help in any way and bring joy to the team, even for a moment, then I’m motivated to do just that.

    Staff at Trampoline smiling in a group on George's Island
  4. What qualities do you value in your coworkers? Having a sense of humour and being patient with my inquisitive personality. AKA…I tend to ask a lot of questions.
  5. What was your favourite agency event to plan? Helping to plan our first Holiday Party in two years was a blast. We really wanted to make everyone feel special after all the difficulties of Covid, so we pulled out all the stops including a live band and hosted the party at Lot Six. Being on the committee with people I’d usually not work closely with, and seeing it all pay off with everyone having an amazing time, was incredible and made the prep work so rewarding. 

Group of staff at dressed up and dancing at a holiday party

 Getting to Know Danielle

  1. Your go-to karaoke song: Fleetwood Mac – Dreams (it’s really fun to harmonize to).
  2. Your pet peeves: Being late, either myself (I'm always 10 minutes early for anything I do or else I get anxious) or someone else being late. Like dude, get a watch. Time is precious!
  3. Your proudest accomplishment: My daughter, Aubrey. She’s pretty cool, if I do say so myself! 

Female office manager at her desk with her young daughter

  1. Your ideal snow day: (Without my daughter) Start with coffee and Bailey’s, a puzzle, and some cheesy romantic comedies. (With my daughter) Tobogganing/snow fort building, hot chocolate and Bailey’s (she’d skip on the Bailey’s, obviously, but would add LOTS of marshmallows), and some Disney classics. 
  2. Your favourite memory at Trampoline: When the team surprised me with “A Week of Danielle.” It was full of gifts and words of appreciation. I was SO surprised and couldn’t stop crying. I was beyond grateful.

Illustration of office manager

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