March Madness at Trampoline

It’s masks off and smiles all around here as we announce a key promotion for one of our own and the addition of two new industry vets to the Trampoline fold.

Adam Bates, Andrea Hickey, and Shawn King
Adam Bates, Andrea Hickey, and Shawn King

In mid-March, we lured Andrea Hickey back into the agency world as Trampoline’s new Director of Client Service. A Saint Mary’s graduate, Andrea started her career with M5, working for five years in client services. She then went client side, where she worked for thirteen plus years for Farmers Dairy/Agropur in marketing communications and brand management. After a short contract with Communications Nova Scotia, she joined the Efficiency One team, where she led the Marketing Strategy and Customer Experience team for the last six years.

“My agency experience came early in my career, and I always knew I would like to come back armed with some experience and perspective from working client-side,” says Hickey, a native of Glace Bay. "Over the years, I’ve been connected to the agency landscape here in the province, including Trampoline, whose culture has always stood out to me. I can see already in my short time here how great the culture truly is."

The client service group at Trampoline consists of seven staffers ranging from an account coordinator to the president and is responsible for managing all client relations and quarterbacking all projects.

“At an agency, the key pivot point is usually the director of client service and the agency will only ever be as good as that position will allow,” says Trampoline President Leslie Gascoigne, “It’s been me for a lot of the last 18 years and although I’m very proud of where we are today, I know we can be even better. Andrea has a unique set of skills and experience that we feel are exactly what our agency and clients need. We’re so thrilled she’s chosen to bring them to Trampoline and help us drive innovative strategies for our clients’ brands and our own team’s development.”

Earlier this year, Adam Bates became Trampoline’s first VP of Finance & Operations. Adam, who completed his CPA here in Canada at Trampoline, joined the agency in 2012 from an agency in London, England. Over these past ten years, he’s seamlessly grown his accounting and management skills in tandem with Trampoline’s own growth.

“When I moved to Canada, I left behind my friends and family.”, says Bates, a native of Sheffield, England. ”I’ve been lucky enough to fill those gaps here at Trampoline. My training and certification are in accounting, but I’ve learned so much more about how an agency works over the past ten years. It’s been a wild ride, and I can’t wait to see what this agency can do in the next few years.”

Almost thirty years after starting his career in advertising, we’re thrilled Shawn King has decided to dive back into the business, joining Trampoline as Senior Vice President, Executive Creative Director. This comes after a 4 year hiatus spent client-side, most recently as Head of Marketing, Canada & International for PAX Labs. Internationally recognized and nationally regarded, Shawn’s passion for creativity, common sense, and drive continue to push him and anything he does toward new and exciting horizons.

“My on-going passion for the advertising world has only been fueled by some time away and a wealth of new experience and perspective. Seeing behind the curtain at Trampoline as a client for these past couple of years, I see many of the same ingredients that drove my original love of this business. I see an exciting future for the agency.”, says King. “I get goosebumps thinking about being able to contribute once again and the post-covid possibilities for the region and Trampoline.”

In early May, Shawn will round out the creative leadership at Trampoline, joining Trevor Millet, Creative Director (Copywriter); Jeff Simpson, Creative Director (Art Director); Brittany Hall (Senior Designer), and the rest of the Trampoline creative department.

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