An Exciting Re-Addition to The Trampoline Team

It’s with immense pleasure that we officially announce that Julie Hallett has re-joined Trampoline as Director of Insights, Strategy and Content. A former employee and longtime friend of Trampoline, Julie is back after almost five years on the client side of the industry.

Julie’s role combines the disciplines of consumer research, content analysis, brand marketing, and media planning. She will be responsible for leading the agency’s work in uncovering the motivations and behaviours of consumers and our clients’ customers, supporting the rest of the team to turn this learning into brand and content strategies in the paid and earned media spaces to achieve more impactful results for our clients.

“A natural collaborator, Julie has always had an innate ability to mine for consumer insights that will help inspire a communications strategy. Her talent and expertise will support our efforts in strengthening our clients’ brands and in connecting more meaningfully with their intended audiences,” says Leslie Gascoigne, President of Trampoline. “We are so excited at the prospect of having her re-join our already strong team of marketing communications professionals.”

Armed with an Arts degree from UNB and an Advanced Diploma in Public Relations from NSCC, Julie’s career started with Trampoline almost 10 years ago, where she began as a client services intern and evolved to leading Trampoline’s social media department, growing the discipline and practice on behalf of our clients. She joined Dalhousie University’s marketing department in 2018, where she most recently led the new brand development work on behalf of Dalhousie University as the Associate Director, Brand & Marketing.

“Understanding what motivates people to act, to do what they do, that’s what helps a brand move into a proactive marketing space. I’ve learned so much in my time at Dal and look forward to continuing to uncover insights that will drive impact with the diverse range of brands that Trampoline works with,” says Julie.