The Delight in Having an Authentic Brand Truth to Celebrate

Trevor Millett

At the top of Pizza Delight’s brand pyramid, you’ll find the phrase “Pizza is what we make. Delight is what we do.” Many brands have lofty statements atop their pyramid, but if you begin to dig deeper, in many cases, you’ll find those statements outline where those brands aspire to be instead of where they are. Which is fine—without aspiration, there is often only stagnation. With Pizza Delight, it’s different though, they’ve been living that statement since 1968.



For fifty-plus years, Pizza Delight has been cooking up some of Atlantic Canada’s favourite crave-able fare. Their restaurants have been community hubs where memories are made, victories are celebrated, milestones are marked, and reunions come together. These things alone would justify the “delight is what we do” promise. But Pizza Delight reaches further. Their franchisees and staff have built a genuinely grass-roots connection to the communities they serve through countless volunteer efforts, financial donations, sponsorships, raffles, and just plain showing up when needed.

Although many multi-franchise businesses support charitable causes—most of them focus on a one-size, one-cause-fits-all approach. Again, Pizza Delight is different. Their franchisees are free to support whoever they and their staff wish—enabling them to support causes that are meaningful to them and truly resonate within their home communities.

Pizza Delight Acts of Delight Facebook ads with images of people celebrated for helping others

With this enviable brand truth in mind, we worked with the Pizza Delight team to step beyond recent promotional advertising initiatives to create a campaign that worked on a deeper level. In keeping with their history, it was important to move beyond the restaurant and Pizza Delight’s own contributions to their respective communities. We decided to celebrate other people in their hometowns that went above and beyond to help others. From that insight, the Acts of Delight Recognition Program took shape.

Desktop template of Acts of Delight homepage and summary

We launched with a 30-second TV spot, a robust paid social media campaign, and in-store materials. From there, we sustained the campaign with a series of 15-second spots and social posts celebrating the honored nominees while also inviting more nominations. Out of the gate, the campaign resonated, with no shortage of above-and-beyonder nominees to celebrate. And importantly, it created even more opportunities for Pizza Delight franchisees and staff to do what they do best—delight the people they serve.