The Best Office Tool to Keep Staff in the Loop

Hannah Preston, Office Manager

The first thing you see when entering our office is a projection of a personalized monthly calendar filled with all things Trampoline-related. Our calendar is jam-packed with reminders about employee birthdays, work anniversaries, and staff meetings. We also include all the fun things happening in the office, such as team lunches, holidays, and national days (National Croissant Day, for example, was a hit). Not only does this build excitement for events, but it’s also a nice reminder of what’s mapped out for the month.

We never miss out on an opportunity to have fun and bring everyone together, and now you don’t have to either! Find out how to get started on creating one for your office.

Join in on the fun

Let us do the work. We’ve created a template on Canva for March 2023, click here to customize it for your office. You can easily change the month, dates, and details.

We use a projector to display the calendar in our lobby. It’s a great place so that employees can refer to it when coming in and out of the office. Clients and guests love to see what we’re up to as well! For our work-from-home employees, we email it to them, and they use it as their screensaver to stay involved from afar.

Picture of the office calendar template

Keep it interactive

People love to participate when there’s a fun game or question on the calendar.

One of our favourite features was “Guess the baby employee.” For December, we asked staff to send in a picture of them as a baby at Christmas time. As people walked into the office, they guessed what co-worker they thought it was. There was so much buzz and debate! It was an easy way to get people involved, and we are continuing to explore this sort of activity with trivia.

Tips for what you can include

• Employee birthdays and work anniversaries
• Meetings/parties happening in the office
• Events happening in your local area
• Days your office is closed/reduced hours
• National Days that you are celebrating
• New hire start dates

No matter how you choose to use the calendar, remember to have fun with it. Above all else, it’s a tool to keep staff engaged and celebrate office culture. Embracing it with some humour is always a good idea!