Advice for the Class of 2020

Mary Cussons

Normally this time of the year is filled with photos of prom dates, stressful exams and saying goodbye to our high school years. Instead the class of 2020 was forced to trade in tradition for social distancing. 

With thousands of Nova Scotians celebrating graduation the non-traditional way, the Trampoline family wanted to give the class of 2020 a small parting gift; the things we wish we knew when we graduated high school. 

“Not everyone has the same path, so try not to compare your situation to your peers and that change is inevitable, and you grow from change!” -Carolyn Dawson, Human Resource Manager

“If post-secondary education is next for you, make sure you take studying seriously! You are paying for each and every class.🤓” -Rachael Crump, Account Manager

“You’re literally graduating at a time where anything you want to do is available to you, don’t be afraid to fail. Go try everything and anything.🤘” -André Doucet, Content Producer

“That I could take those regions of my brain that was housing knowledge like what a mitochondria was and what velocity of motion was a throw it straight out the window and fill it with something useful like personal finance and communications skills, which they do not teach well in high school.” -Stephanie Pelley, Associate Media Director

“Put some money away for savings!! Even if it’s only $5 per pay. Start now!! 🤑” -Nicola Hancock, Media Strategist 

“There is no such thing as perfect.” -Jonathan Richard, Art Director

“Be ready to make a group of friends you’ll have for the rest of your life; these are the best years of your life!” -Mary Cussons, Social Media & Account Coordinator

“All the career possibilities that existed outside of the typical go-tos, my parents' jobs, my parents' friends' jobs, or people on TV's jobs. It really wasn't until I was a good chunk through my education, and even more so out in the "real world" that I learned about all the various ways my interests and natural strong points could bring home a pay cheque. If I had known earlier, my path could have been straighter, or I could have designed an education that even better set me up for what I wanted to do.” -Nadine LaRoche, Director of Client Services & Strategy