Razvan Luca

Media Director

[email protected] / 902.405.4816


If Raz had a place on the USS Enterprise, he’d probably play none other than Data. Hailing from Toronto, our Media Director has built a career around data, and more specifically, how it can help deliver more measurable business outcomes for every client. A digital native at heart, Raz approaches every creative opportunity with a vehicle-agnostic mindset and the belief the medium is more than the message. Sometimes, it’s the big idea. And we’re glad to have him aboard.


When Raz isn’t exploring the far reaches of data and the digital landscape, you’ll likely find him exploring the far reaches of the globe. An avid traveler, Raz’s exploratory nature has led him hiking in Colombia, island-hopping in Greece, and perhaps coolest of all, exploring Dubrovnik’s imposing castle walls. Not sure where that is? You might know it better as Game of Thrones’ King’s Landing.