Neil McCulloch

Creative Director of Twist

[email protected] / 902.442.9237


Neil is obsessed with soul. Not the music genre, or his own existential exploration—or maybe he is... but at this particular point in time, the “soul” we are talking about is the soul, or essence, of a brand. He thrives on (and has won a boatload of awards for) finding a way to take the complex, multitude of factors that make up the architecture of a brand and distill it down to its “soul” in order to express it in a simple, irresistible and memorable way.


Neil can’t yodel. With all the things this guy can do, we thought we’d start with something he can’t. But he can speak French. And Spanish. And he can drive in Europe (he passed his Euro driver’s test, in French). He can and has renovated houses—10 houses in 12 years, thank you very much. But he can’t yodel, proving he is a mere mortal like the rest of us.