Nadine Laroche

Director of Client Services & Strategy

[email protected] / 902.405.4801


In Nadine’s own words, she is “hella driven” and no one here would argue with that. And one of the things that hella drives her most is working closely with clients to help them uncover deep truths about their brands that will result in creating memorable and results-driven work, together. “Together” is the key word as Nadine has a reputation for building strong relationships with clients, built on mutual respect and trust. So when she pushes back, clients know she’s just not trying to get all up their grill, she’s steering them towards more meaningful and powerful communications.


Because we are really enjoying saying “hella driven” let’s talk about what “hella drives” Nadine when she’s not working her butt off for her clients. Where to start... Nadine is a die-hard “maker” both out of love and necessity. If she can’t find what she’s looking for, she makes it, from leather and wool laptop sleeves to macramé plant hangers. She even teamed up with other local makers to open a shop called Second Storey, when she realized she was making more things than she could possibly keep. It was either open a store or buy a bigger condo.