Mark Gascoigne

Director, CEO

[email protected] / 902.405.4802


As CEO, Mark oversees the strategic planning process in the development of each client’s brand. If you were to ask Mark about his career arc he would characterize it like this: he spent the first 20 years of his career trying to make himself indispensable to his co-workers and clients. He now spends his time making himself completely disposable. After all, Mark’s objective in building Trampoline is to create something bigger than himself. A legacy that will endure beyond any single career in marketing & advertising.


Mark is a serious cyclist. We don’t mean he ponders the meaning of life while pedaling. Rather, he has racked up some serious mileage since first being bit by the cycling bug five years ago. He has cycled over 200km in one day and has about 10,000km, in total, under his belt. Which he doesn’t wear while cycling. Because a belt with spandex would be just plain weird.

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