Larry Bootland

Director of Operations

[email protected] / 902.405.4809


If Larry was a superhero, his name would be The Connector. Or Smootherman. That last one sounds a little weird, but it’s true. Allow us to explain. Larry manages the flow of work from the brief to production. And that means he keeps all the different teams working together—The Connector—in order to ensure timelines and budgets remain on track. He’s also all about finding solutions and removing roadblocks so that people, and projects, can be the best they can be. See? Smootherman—to the rescue!


Smart, enlightened people know that Nova Scotia is the best place on earth. Eight years ago, a light bulb went off over Larry’s head and guided him east, from Calgary to Halifax. He traded in his cowboy hat for a sou’wester and, we have to say, never has a sou’wester been worn quite so stylishly. But the hat theme doesn’t end there! Larry also sports a helmet when he’s riding his motorcycle along coastal roads, looking for beauty to capture with his camera and he has found Nova Scotia to be very accommodating.