Julie Hallett

Social Media Director

[email protected] / 902.405.4720


Social media changes constantly. It just changed again while you were reading this sentence. Thankfully, Julie is a wizard at staying on top of the game and helping our clients hit home runs. She’s also a digger – she loves digging into the insights of how people experience and engage on social media – AKA, one of the most effective channels for connecting with audiences.


Much like her wizardry in the world of social media, Julie’s other passion involves magic – in the kitchen. She’s a life-long foodie and avid cook. Combining her two passions, Julie was also a pioneer in the world of food blogging and was nominated as one of Halifax’s Best Food Bloggers in The Coast’s Best of Awards, in 2012. She loves food so much, she even named her golden retriever Trout. We’re pretty sure Trout instinctively steers clear of skillets and butter.