Adam Bates


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You know those guys in the control room at NASA who are always so calm, cool and collected no matter what chaos may be going on around them? Adam is our NASA guy. His title, “Controller” could not be more accurate. In the midst of a fast-paced, creative, demanding and, yes, even crazy, environment, Adam remains grounded and in control. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a wild side. Ask him about his “Bubbles” report and then stand back as this guy gets pretty excited when talking about his “baby”.


When Adam was a little boy growing up in England, he didn’t dream of becoming a guard at Buckingham Palace or Bond, James Bond. No, he dreamt of coming to Canada, starting a hockey league (floor hockey, but hockey is hockey!) and scoring his first ever goal, as a Canadian citizen. Check, check and check—hey, it’s a hat trick! Well played Adam, well played. You really and truly are Canadian.