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Halifax Ferry at sunset


Date Posted: July 23, 2018Reading time: 2 minutes

Trampoline is looking for a Chief Creative Officer. Based in Halifax on Canada’s glorious East Coast, Trampoline is an integrated marketing agency that happens to be lucky enough to have some of the best staff and clients in the region. We decided to do our own recruiting after parting ways with the last search firm who said, and we quote, “It’s tough to get anybody to consider a move, let alone making a move to Halifax.” Let us be clear: Halifax, NS is the BEST city in Canada to live. The people are fantastic, the rugged beauty of the province is outstanding, Halifax is one of the fastest growing economies in the country, you’re only a one-hour flight from NYC, two to Toronto, three to Iceland, and a few from London — and it’s safe and affordable. If that isn’t enough to intrigue you, then you aren’t for us.

About Trampoline:

We have a very simple mantra: To be a force for positive change in Nova Scotia. Our pursuit of this starts with great people to help us create great products and exceptional experiences — then we commit entirely. We are a collection of passionate, skilled and experienced professionals who are proud to call Atlantic Canada home. We’re picky about our clients. We’re even pickier about our people.

Trampoline is about to turn 15, and like most teenagers, we are just growing into our ears. Over that time, we have experienced the usual growing pains but are generally happy with how we have turned out. Since 2004 we have transformed from a design boutique to one of the region’s preeminent full-service agency partners. Our clients include Halifax Shopping Centre, Nova Scotia Liquor CorporationSaint Mary’s University, Workers’ Compensation Board of NS, Tourism Nova Scotia, among others.


Phase One – “Who are you?”

Submissions should include, at a minimum, a letter of introduction and link to your portfolio – we want to know you’re interested!  Responses will be accepted until 4 pm Atlantic on Friday, August 31st, 2018 and can be submitted electronically to [email protected].

Phase Two – “Let’s Talk”

Selected applicants from the above will be invited to participate in a group discussion in person or conference call. Here, we’d like to get to know you a bit better and talk about your passion, work, and experience. This will be your chance to decide if you think you might like to join us.

Phase Three – “The Pitch”

Our top applicants from the group interviews will be invited to pitch a solution to a problem that we identify.  Don’t worry, we don’t believe in spec work for free either.  As such, details will be provided to those pitching to outline the problem and what we’re willing to pay for your time.

Technical Requirements:

This is an executive role in charge of steering the creative vision of a vibrant and growing agency. Your experience should be commensurate with that task.

Contact & Notes:

Questions or points of clarification can be sent to [email protected] – we will post any responses we provide to this page for all candidates to review.