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Frikadeller, the Danish version of meatballs.

No one ever says “let’s go for Viking food!”

Date Posted: February 6, 2019Reading time: 3 minutes

Let’s face it, when it comes to cuisine, Denmark’s traditional offerings are overwhelmingly, well… brown.
And beige. And off-white. And brown. And occasionally, incorporate subtle hues of ague and ennui. Anything, but fresh, vibrant, and inspiring.

Conversely, when it comes to applying smart thinking and brilliant design to making the world a better place, Danes make some of the world’s best chefs look like line cooks at a gas station lunch bar. Think portable batteries, loudspeakers, magnetic tape recorders, free post-secondary education, free healthcare, one of the world’s lowest poverty rates — not to mention the prototype for Google Maps and the first foot-lever trash can. And LEGO. LEGO! Probably could have just said LEGO and you would have got the point.

With this intrinsic bent toward innovative thinking and brilliant life-improving execution, it’s no surprise that study after study finds Denmark to be among the world’s happiest countries — often landing at #1. And it’s why Trampoline Branding couldn’t be happier to welcome one of Denmark’s bright lights into the fold.

Leslie and Mark Gascoigne knew right away they’d found the perfect fit when they chose Copenhagen native, Thomas Ørum as their new Chief Creative Officer. “Our search started in Canada, and then we widened it beyond our borders as we know we have a pretty special corner of the world here,” says CEO Mark Gascoigne. “The search drew interest from over 60 applicants from around the globe, with Thomas being a clear stand out from the beginning.

Following three years of steady growth, the creation of sister company Twist (a direct-to-execution division), and the purchase of Halifax digital agency, Bits — Trampoline was seeking a clear creative vision to unite and rally its wealth of talent. “We love that Thomas brings an international toolbox to the task and a wider perspective to help move our creative forward,” President, Leslie Gascoigne offers with a palpable sense of excitement.

After training at New York City’s School of Visual Arts, Thomas jumped headfirst into the agency world with a role at J. Walter Thompson, NY. With a strong wanderlust, the ensuing years found him plying his trade in California as well as agencies in London, and eventually back to Copenhagen where he ran a division of Grey/WPP. Along the way, he started a successful clothing label, his own creative boutique agency, and built an award-winning magazine from scratch.

Thomas’s entrepreneurial spirit combined with his depth of experience serving major brands such as Audi, Volvo, British Airways, Coca-Cola, and Smirnoff, proved to be precisely the balance Trampoline was seeking to move them forward creatively.

“I’ve worked in some pretty exciting cities in my career including London, Los Angeles, and New York — but never anywhere quite as cool (pun intended) as Halifax. I love exploring different cultures and countries, and I have to say the people in Halifax are some of the nicest and most interesting I have met. The culture at Trampoline I find totally unique. There is a wonderful desire to create special work for the agency’s clients, and I feel like I’ve joined the company at a very exciting time. I’m thrilled about the journey we’re about to embark upon.”

Thomas’s enthusiasm for his new role and new city is evident. Having just accepted the position in late November, he has already relocated his young family to Halifax and has begun immersing himself in Trampoline’s client portfolio. Mark and Leslie are confident the results you see in market will be decidedly more exciting than the newcomer’s native cuisine.

Welcome Thomas!

For further information, please contact:

Mark Gascoigne
CEO, Trampoline
[email protected]

Thomas’ Frikadelle recipe

Ingredients you’ll need:

Chop onion finely and combine with the other ingredients into the minced meat. Use a tablespoon to form the meatballs and pan-fry until dark brown on each side. Cook meat balls to well done – you can cut one during cooking to check it isn’t pink/raw inside. A traditional side dish to frikadeller is cold potato salad and pickled cucumber.