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What’s Trending – October 2018 🔥

Date Posted: October 24, 2018Reading time: 3 minutes

Welcome to the What’s Trending blog! Every month, we scour the internet for the most exciting social trends, platform updates and consumer insights so you don’t need to. So grab a coffee (or a non-fat vanilla soy latte, or whatever), take a break and find out what’s trending this month.¬†¬†👇

Must-Know News 🗞


Deck the halls with statement walls and slim flit overalls, pinterest adds new shopping features for the holidays🎄


DON’t rely solely on cookies: advice that applies to facebook ad measurement and also to nutrition¬†🍪

Pop some popcorn, grab your friends and find out how to achieve this natural glam cut crease eyeshadow look💄


Other Bites 🍴

1. Avoid using phrases like, “Are All-Dressed CHIPS the new SUPERFOOD?” and “What the government doesn’t want you to know about pasta” in your Facebook ads. The platform is cracking down on ‘low-quality’ ads, which use tactics like engagement bait, sensationalized language and withholding information.

2. Feeling LinkedOut? You’re not alone. After discovering that the majority of users see low engagement on the platform, LinkedIn tweaked its algorithm to allow greater reach for user updates. Congratulate LinkedIn on the new algorithm update!

3. After catching up on emails from 2010, YouTube announced its release of the ‘Miniplayer’ feature, so users can watch a video in a smaller window while browsing the site. Think about the tab clutter reduction possibilities!

4. Snapchat’s released ‘Footprints’, a new series of reports which highlight how the app influences shopping behaviours. Turns out luxury shoppers frequent steakhouses and nightclubs after hitting the mall. Where do I register for this lifestyle?

5. Want to impress with a unique Halloween getup? Best to avoid Fortnite, Spiderman and unicorn-inspired outfits, according to Google’s most-searched costumes list. Hack: Try combining all three for a frightening and confusing disguise.


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Cara Sutherland is a Social Media Coordinator at Trampoline. Want to get her help incorporating the latest trends in your social strategy? Get in touch at [email protected]