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iPhone reading "What's Trending" being towed in the sky by a hot air balloon.

What’s Trending – January 2019 🔥

Date Posted: January 31, 2019Reading time: 4 minutes

What’s Trending: Roundup of the Roundups

With a new year comes Google searches like can I eat KFC on a ketogenic diet?, countless purchases of ill-fated day planners and heaps of articles predicting upcoming social media trends. One month into 2019, we’re excited to present this Roundup of the Roundups™, which rounds up the trends from all the roundups. And no, that’s not cheating. Save your valuable time and read on for four social trends to consider. You’ll be in the know before you can say “none of this is in my budget!”

Trend 1: Social Listening tools

Trend 2: Video

Trend 3: messenger Chatbots

Trend 4: more Paid Media