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Annapolis Valley vineyards

The Winelands of Nova Scotia

Date Posted: August 30, 2017Reading time: 1 minute


We’re taking a weekly look at something or some place we love in Nova Scotia! Follow along each week this summer as we celebrate well-known favourites and local hidden gems.

If you’re visiting Nova Scotia in the summer or fall, we highly recommend a trip to the Annapolis Valley. For starters, the scenery is amazing and the landscape is unlike anything you’ll see across Nova Scotia, complete with beautiful coastal views of the Bay of Fundy, farm fields and fairy-tale-like apple orchards. The Valley, of course, also happens to be where Nova Scotia gets its wine reputation from, which continues to climb year after year on the international scale.

As a region with a unique geographical make-up, the Valley has an ideal micro-climate for fruit-growing and is quickly becoming recognized for its high-quality wines all around the world. If you have a day to spare in your schedule, head out to the Valley – only about an hour by car from Halifax – and take advantage of the tastes of Nova Scotia, all with picturesque views.

For a little extra tip, a hop-on hop-off bus tour will allow you to enjoy your experience without having to worry about driving. For those already in the area, the Wolfville Magic Winery Bus tour is a great option, or if you need a lift from downtown Halifax, a Grape Escapes tour will take you up and back in a day.

Check out a full listing of Nova Scotia’s wineries and wine tours.

Happy sipping!

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