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Lobster Boil by the ocean

Oceanside Lobster Boils

Date Posted: September 6, 2017Reading time: Less than 1 minute


We’re taking a weekly look at something or some place we love in Nova Scotia! Follow along each week this summer as we celebrate well-known favourites and local hidden gems.

September in Nova Scotia has a reputation for being one of the best months of the year, and is still considered a summer month to locals who enjoy hot sunny days and cool, restful sleeps. So, in the spirit of continued summer celebrations on the east coast of Canada, we encourage you to get out and experience one of the most Nova Scotian traditions going – a downhome, oceanside lobster boil.

If you’re checking out Cape Breton this September and enjoying picturesque ocean views along the famous Cabot Trail, be sure to pay a visit to Cape Breton Highlands National Park where you can take part in a Learn-to-Lobster-Boil group lesson and dinner, right at the ocean. Boil, crack and enjoy delicious lobster, fresh from the sea!

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