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Marketing On Reddit: A Crash Course

Date Posted: July 12, 2019Reading time: 3 minutes

by Leigha Henderson


I mean, it’s called “The Front Page of the Internet”

Shouldn’t we utilize it like so, and start /r/MarketingOnReddit? Actually, I think that subreddit already exists. *laughs in digital*

Reddit is a social platform in the weird wide web. It’s full of anonymous influencers with strange user handles and subreddit pages for every interest under the sun. And it’s highly untapped. Mostly because businesses can’t figure out how to properly market on it. Marketing on Reddit is quite un-territorialized, the brands that do use it usually get downvoted into the depths of eternity. Because trolls exist. And they hate ads.

The Front Page

Reddit works by users upvoting or downvoting posts. When a post gets a ton of upvotes, it makes it to the top of the subreddit. And if the post gets enough upvotes inside of said subreddit, it makes it to the overall front page. This is where the real traffic is.

The front page is where you want to be. It’s a prime marketing area as most Redditors visit the front page while visiting the app. Regardless of the subreddit communities, the front page shows highly upvoted posts from every corner of the site.

How Do I Get to the Front Page?

Let’s start with the basics.

1) You’re going to need a Reddit account

And you’ll actually need to use it. Mostly to get a good grip on how Reddit works. Plus it won’t let outside marketers in without the use of an actual profile. So welcome, unvoluntary Redditor. Also, you’ll want to act like an actual person, not a marketer. As soon as some users get your marketing scent, they attack.

Before posting about your product/service, leave comments on other posts first.

To add to the conversation of a post, you can add a comment to the post directly. Just reply to the post or to any other user’s comment, creating strings of comments down the post.

This will make you look more approachable/not like a robot. It will also give you Karma. Karma is when your comment on someone else’s post gets an upvote. If someone downvotes your comment, you lose a Karma. This basically means you’re a general user who posts comments people like.

2) Now, venture out and join subreddits

You can search just about anything and most likely find a subreddit dedicated to your interest. E.g. /r/XTerra (yep, the Nissan XTerra has its own community with 3.7K members). Join a bunch of subreddits. Especially ones where your target audience may live. You can generally tell the audience by the content of the post and the comments left on them.

3) Avoid getting banned… I’m serious

Immediately posting promotional content is not a great idea. Especially if your content has nothing to do with said subreddit. I was recently in one about betta fish and this popped up.

Reddit ad


And I wasn’t happy about it.

Edit: my betta fish was sick and I was looking for some insight.

Promotional Ads

You’ve made an account, joined relevant subreddits, got some Karma, it is time, Grasshopper.

When you post, make sure you’re competing against everyone else in that subreddit. In subreddits, there are constant posts. If something doesn’t obtain enough upvotes in a certain timeframe, then it’s likely the content will disappear into said depths.

So, post content people actually want to see. Look closely at the top posts in the subreddit you’re targeting and create posts that are similar. This may mean studying memes. Posting content between 1 AM to 7 AM is also highly effective. Content posted during this time do better than at any other time. These posts are likely to be viewed by people as they wake up and won’t be overpowered by other content from general users.

looks like you’re all set

There you go, you’re ready to start marketing on Reddit.

Leigha Henderson is an Agency Coordinator at Trampoline. Want to get her help on an upcoming project? Get in touch at [email protected].