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Hikers at Get Up There

It’s Time to Get Up There

Date Posted: February 21, 2019Reading time: 2 minutes

by Mark Gascoigne


A sure sign of spring in Nova Scotia is when the Trampoline office starts to buzz with conversations about GUT. Well, spring is almost here but not before we all Get Up There for Colorectal Cancer this Friday, February 22nd at Ski Wentworth.

Over the past 10 years, we have raised over half a million dollars to increase awareness for the fight against colorectal cancer in Nova Scotia. For our eleventh annual GUT event, we will once again use the proceeds to fund the promotion of the screening kits that are sent to every Nova Scotian starting at the age of 50 and then every other year until 74. Our ‘On Average’ TV and digital campaign will start in early March and with the kind help of Bell Media will run until early next year.

“Allen if you hadn’t taken the test [The Provincial colorectal cancer screening program] this nasty little cancer would have killed you within a year.”

Said Dr. Rod McKinney to Allen Sutherland following a colonoscopy triggered by a positive test a few weeks earlier. Allen is one of the estimated 1,000 Nova Scotians that are alive today because of our provincial screening program. A program that is being studied and copied by other authorities from around the world.

However, it saddens me to know that less than 30% of these kits are returned each year. Especially since I’m confident that if this wonderful program was in place even 15 years ago my father would still be alive. Unfortunately, when he was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2008 and died six months later there was no way of detecting this deadly killer, except by means of a colonoscopy which was not an option for most of us. That’s why it is the mission of our determined little troop to spread the word about this life saving test and find as many Allens as we possibly can.

Our goal this year is to raise at least an additional $50,000 for the cause. You can see how we’re doing and make a contribution at GetUpThere.ca.

And most of all, please make sure you and all your loved ones get properly screened.

Get Up There,


Mark is a dedicated advocate for colorectal cancer awareness. In addition to hiking a mountain each year at Get Up There–an event founded in memory of his father, Bob–Mark cycled Mont Ventoux to raise awareness for the cause. Most of all, he has committed to making sure his friends and loved ones know to get screened.


To learn more about the event, visit GetUpThere.ca or follow along on FacebookTwitter or Instagram.