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Feeding Love

Date Posted: February 14, 2017Reading time: 3 minutes

February 14th is a day for sharing affection with those we love. We mark it with an abundance of flowers, chocolates and love notes that express true feelings of love and gratitude. Today, we have a special love note for a new partner we are so excited to be working with again: Feed Nova Scotia.

Dear Feed Nova Scotia,

Every morning when we walk into our office, we pass Trampoline’s mission statement painted boldly on the wall: “Be a force for positive change in Nova Scotia.” We aspire to live this every day at work, and even moreso in our homes and communities. We know we share this vision with you, Feed Nova Scotia. The work you do for our community is the essence of what makes this province such a special place. Your mission to feed Nova Scotians in need and reduce that need makes an impactful difference in the lives of those you support. Your efforts unify donors, volunteers, members, advocates and so many more to strive every day to make our province a better place.

Although we know there is a need today to feed over 20,000 people that visit a food bank monthly, the long-term goal is to decrease the dependency on food banks for all through education, living wages, affordable housing and much more. Fulfilling the very basic need of access to food is critical, but is only the first step in enabling change. The second step is reducing that need by providing people with the proper tools and information that will lessen their dependency on food banks — easier said than done!

Many don’t know that 1 in 5 Nova Scotians are food insecure, and 1/3 of that group are below the age of 18. Nor do they know that it’s not only important that these people have access to food, but that they have access to food that provides them with the proper nutrients to maintain a healthy life. Many believe that nonperishable goods are all that can be donated, though, fresh produce and meats are equally, if not, more important.
And not only food donations are needed! Since you collect, sort, organize and distribute food, fund donations are equally important to the success of Feed Nova Scotia. There are so many unique and wonderful ways to help, from volunteering or starting a food drive, to being an advocate for the fight against hunger, which all help make Nova Scotia a better place.

As proud of the Feed Nova Scotia name and logo we created 10 years ago, we are also just as proud today to be working with you again, but on your digital presence. A website is a critical touchpoint for communicating your vision to deliver a healthier and more prosperous province to all Nova Scotians. Through the new website build, we hope to create a platform that will serve your functional needs, educate and advocate for our community, and share your mission with all of Nova Scotia.

You are a respected and important voice in our community that drives change and advocates for those in need – you truly are a force for positive change in Nova Scotia.


If you want to learn more about Feed Nova Scotia or want to make a food or fund donation, please visit feednovascotia.ca.