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Yachts in harbour with Canadian flag

Counting Down to Canada D’eh!

Date Posted: June 27, 2017Reading time: 1 minute


We’re taking a weekly look at something or some place we love in Nova Scotia! Follow along each week this summer as we celebrate well-known favourites and local hidden gems.


Every year on July 1, fervent Canadians gather together to celebrate Canada Day, marking the anniversary of the confederation of Canada and celebrating Canadian history, culture and pride.

This year, as we commemorate Canada’s 150th birthday, there are plenty of events across the country, and we at Trampoline are counting down the days to awesome festivities here in Halifax. From the historic noon cannon at Citadel Hill, followed by a traditional 21-gun salute and ceremony, all the way to fireworks, food and performances by DeadMau5 and Matt Mays on the Halifax Common, there’s no shortage of fun to be had as we ring in Canada’s big birthday this year.

This Saturday, we’ll be dressing in red and white, eating poutine and beaver tails, and listening to Neil Young, The Tragically Hip and yes, even Justin Bieber. Of course, we’ll also be sipping on a Caesar or two as we celebrate– the signature Canadian drink that you seldom find anywhere else in the world. A Bloody Mary is a close second to the Caesar in concept, but light-years away in flavour, and out here in the Maritimes, we take things a step further, seafood-ing up the Caesar with a fresh lobster garnish. Ask for this drink outside of Canada and you’ll almost certainly be told it’s not possible, but any good bar in this beautiful country of ours will be able to hook you up – especially on July 1.

For locals entertaining at home this Canada Day, go ahead and wow your guests with this east coast-inspired “Kilted Caesar” from the Kilted Chef:

From all of us at Trampoline, Happy Canada Day, Eh?!

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