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Halifax Ferry at sunset

Canada’s Ocean Playground

Date Posted: October 13, 2017Reading time: 2 minutes


We’re taking a weekly look at something or some place we love in Nova Scotia! Follow along each week this summer as we celebrate well-known favourites and local hidden gems.

Despite the fact that Nova Scotia is Canada’s second smallest province, only spanning a little over 700 km from tip to tip, we have over 7500 km of coastline in this beautiful province, along with 3800 islands to explore. It’s no wonder our licence plates have proudly claimed “Canada’s Ocean Playground” since 1972, with so much to see and do here, from the water.

As we wrap up another summer season and admire the beauty of the changing leaves, we thought we’d share with you some of our favourite ocean adventures here in Nova Scotia, for one last hurrah out on the water before snowfall.

Paddling the South Shore 

Scenic Sailing

Halifax Harbour Cruises

Here’s to wrapping up another awesome summer in Halifax – we’re counting down the days until next season already!

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