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trampoline logo

A Logo That Fits to a T

Date Posted: January 14, 2020Reading time: Less than 1 minute

by Jody Burry

Reinventing Trampoline’s logo wasn’t about doing a complete redesign. It had garnered a lot of equity over the last fifteen years and to run from that would be counterintuitive. It’s more of a refresh really. The new identity presents a more contemporary personality while connecting to familiar attributes of the old. The customized font infuses its unique approachable design with the same qualities appreciated and admired by Trampoline: empathy, straightforwardness, and intelligence. The result, a wordmark that is clear in presentation, and feels warm and friendly. The colour crimson amplifies a sense of warmth, energy, and strength. It is an emotionally intense colour, underscoring our passion and determination.

“The more we love where we work and what we make, the more we feel connected to each other and our community.” Jody Burry